Our Courtyard

IMG_1479Firehouse Square is unique and certainly lucky to have a place for gatherings: our courtyard, which is in the center of our neighborhood.

Flowers, trees and lush green grass are inviting to us all, and it adds to the flavor of the downtown living we are experiencing. Our six park benches are usually occupied with neighbors coming together for a chat, a glass of wine, or to watch the dogs frolic. Each summer we have neighborhood get-togethers, which is the perfect time for a game of corn hole, badminton or croquet. And there is no doubt that our courtyard is the best seat in the house for Indy’s yearly fireworks show on the 4th of July. When spring or fall is in the air and evenings are a little cool, homeowners will come to the courtyard with their fire-pits – anything to continue enjoying this desirable feature of Firehouse Square.